Lovely Praise

“I am so pleased to have worked with Sara. She has been such a positive light in this project and has kept me going at times. There were moments when it was a big drain putting this book together; getting these stories compiled, sending thousands of emails, and getting nothing back from some. There were so many times it has been tough, but I just knew this was going to be amazing and Sara’s positive energy and love for the idea really helped that. I think we were brought together for this mission and for a reason!”
Rebecca Frith, author of Legends of Change,

"Working with Sara has been a pleasure right from the beginning. She helped me finding my true voice and motivated me to focus more on my project. She even gave me helpful suggestions which will have a positive impact on my end. Finding the right words have always been a struggle for me as I’m not a native speaker yet with Sara’s help I see myself and my intentions well communicated by the copy she provided. I’m looking forward to our next venture!"

David Birkhölzer, founder of Hope Retreat,
"Working with Sara was a real eye opener for me! Besides making the mundane fun, this young lady taught me a thing or two. I look at the world of social media in a whole new light. During our weekly phone conversations she was just as motivating to me as I was trying to be for her. Loved working with her. Wish I still was."
Betsy Jeziorny, Co-owner of the Pour Haus Bar & Grill,
"A funny thing happened when I was working on a grant proposal. I started working with Sara and it made my job so much easier. She took the time to get to know and understand my organization, asking questions about the program, about what we were doing and what our goals were in applying for this grant. Sara also helped us with some social media stuff. And believe me, I needed all the help I could get. Thanks Sara."
Mari Hintz, Board Member, Treasurer, and Grant Writer for Clintonville Goodfellows Association,