Lovely Praise

“I am so pleased to have worked with Sara. She has been such a positive light in this project and has kept me going at times. There were moments when it was a big drain putting this book together; getting these stories compiled, sending thousands of emails, and getting nothing back from some. There were so many times it has been tough, but I just knew this was going to be amazing and Sara’s positive energy and love for the idea really helped that. I think we were brought together for this mission and for a reason!”
Rebecca Frith, author of Legends of Change,

"Working with Sara has been a pleasure right from the beginning. She helped me finding my true voice and motivated me to focus more on my project. She even gave me helpful suggestions which will have a positive impact on my end. Finding the right words have always been a struggle for me as I’m not a native speaker yet with Sara’s help I see myself and my intentions well communicated by the copy she provided. I’m looking forward to our next venture!"

David Birkhölzer, founder of Hope Retreat,