Are You Feeling Rebellious? 

Let’s unpack what makes you extraordinary.

Take some time to recognize that you’ve already taken the first steps towards creating the business of your dreams by simply pursuing exactly what you love to do. This in itself is an amazing act of REBELLION. So many are content to live within the confines of their comfort zone, but not you. You’ve chosen to live a life on the edge of your personal comfort zone, because you know that therein is where true growth lies.

Whether you are a yoga teacher, meditation instructor, plant-based eating coach, or other any other sort of wellness expert, you’ve taken a bold leap of faith and invested your precious energy into your most valuable asset: yourself. You’re now ready to help others do the same, but maybe don’t know how to start. This is where I come in.

By getting to the heart of who you really are and what you really love, expressing yourself and your services becomes much easier and much more authentic, and this is what people really connect with. My copywriting and brand clarifying services will help you do just that. We will do a deep dive to help you nail down your unique voice, vision, and services in a way that will attract and inspire the perfect clients naturally.

Think of it as that initial baby step to help set you on the right path forward. It’s not everything you need, but it’s the hardest part…starting! It’s figuring out your “What” as well as your “Why” and then letting me put it all together in a dreamy mission statement and client-attracting website copy. Then, if you need more, I can even equip you with the tools to move forward (blogs, web design, photography, website development, etc).


Ready to get to know your inner rebel more fully?